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A New Hampshire Yankee in Los Angeles. Will Oggy find fame and Fortune? Will Oggy get his car to run? Will Oggy even find a job? Probably not, but won't it be funny to read about how close he gets?

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Friday, September 19, 2008

New Blog

This Blog is finished. The new Blog with Oggy's new "Marco Man in the Van" identity can be found at

Oggy will be play acting in the style of a schizophrenic homeless man...who may actually be schizophrenic and homeless. His objective is to document or recreate the life of a crazy homeless van dweller in Los Angeles. Oggy will become Marco. Maybe this is a coping technique Oggy has created to manage the distress he feels concerning the desperate conditions in America. Or maybe Oggy just play acts all the time and this is just one persona he has created. It's hard to say. It is only slightly more dangerous in the van than living at Oggy's last house where people left the stove on all the time and didn't lock the door and smoked cigarettes. At least on the street the police are a constant presence who are either friends or foes.

Anyway, Marco Man in the Van is not Oggy. he is Marco man in the Van. It's a little scary because the part is a good fit...maybe too good...but it's a new creative outlet. Don't be alarmed by what you find. It's theater!

That's all from Oggy. For now.